Episode 9- Ready Player One: Part 2

We compare the book to the film and discuss the more problematic aspects of the story.

Episode 8- Ready Player One (Halliday): Part 1

We had a lot to say about the book and the film Ready Player One, so we’ve split this episode into two parts. In this part we will discuss Ernest Cline’s previous works, our reactions to the film, and whether or not Halliday is autistic.

Part 2 will be more focused on comparing the book to the film.

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Episode 5- Netflix Daredevil (Wilson Fisk)

In this episode we tackle Daredevil antagonist, Wilson Fisk AKA Kingpin. We also discuss autism in comics in general, coded representation, and autistic actors.

*Apologies for a ticking sound that appears about halfway through the episode, it only lasts about 20 minutes or so. I swear I know how to record a podcast! I think the audio issues should be behind us from here on out.

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