Episode 11- Atypical

In this episode we finally tackle the series that inspired/enraged us to start this podcast in the first place.


This is where I read about the connection between autism and incels. Looks like the Love Shy website is mostly private now, you need an account to see anything. However in the Wayback Machine, I was able to find this in the FAQs: “Love-shys suffer disproportionately from Asperger’s syndrome relative to the general population. In a 2004 letter, (psychologist, Brian G) Gilmartin noted that as many as 40 percent of Love-shys may suffer from Asperger’s. Curiously, in a poll on WrongPlanet.net, roughly 40% of poll takers claimed extreme difficulty in romantic interactions. Many members of the Love-shy.com forum have been formally diagnosed with Asperger’s. It is very likely that Asperger’s and datelessness go hand in hand, though many Love-shys do not suffer from Asperger’s.” So it’s fairly speculative and anecdotal, there hasn’t been studies into the phenomenon specifically. However it is not uncommon to see discussions of autism appear on love-shy and incel forums.




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